Lehigh Valley Teen Night with TOBI LOU

Lehigh Valley Teen Night with TOBI LOU / GameChangerWorld PA, February 17


GCWPA, launches its first LEHIGH VALLEY TEEN NIGHT with an incredible performance by chart topper, TOBI LOU.   Special Guests will decend upon ALLENTOWN, PA for one special night - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH from 7pm - 11pm. Bringing out the best DJ's, party music and world class production. 
Non stop music, performances, fun and games.  Teens will have access to the
entire arcade and event center.  All tickets include unlimited attraction wristbands which offers Rockwall, Bounce Obstacle and Half Court Basketball.   Tokens for games will be available for purchase and the snack bar will be open throughout the entire event.


TOBI LOU performing his smash hit "Buff Baby", with special guest DJ's & performances.  New Jersey's #1 DJ BRANDON ALEX spins

DOORS OPEN at 7:00PM, prepare for a search by security and
any guests deemed intoxicated or under the influence will be denied admission.

THIS IS AN UNDER 18 EVENT - PROFESSIONAL SECURITY will be checking all patrons - This is a NO ALCOHOL / ZERO TOLERANCE / NO RE-ENTRY event. 

TEENS:  WANNA MAKE SOME CA$$$H? - Become a local promoter, performer or DJ, join the movement and help make the first LEHIGH VALLEY TEEN NIGHT one incredible evening. Local promoters will be paid cash and also get to meet TOBI LOU.

If your interested in becoming a local promoter, performer or DJ -
please email erik@gamechangerworld.com.   


 Taters Half Baked Restaurant will be open for your comfort during the entire event.  No parents will be allowed into the Event Center as we don't want the parents blowing up their kids spot.  But, you will be able to remain on site for the duration of the event.  Professional Security will be here in force, enforcing all rules and keeping constant surveillance on the event and property.

Parents can meet and keep contact with their children at the vestibule between the Event Center and Taters Restaurant.  All teens must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in Taters Restaurant.  

For more info on our restaurant and bar, please visit TatersHalfBaked.com

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at 

GameChangerWorld PA · 6616 Ruppsville Rd. Allentown, PA · (610) 366-1130