GO GO GADGET with Tim Harakal

GO GO GADGET with Tim Harakal / GameChangerWorld PA, June 21


Yes, GO GO GADGET make their GCWPA debut on FRIDAY, JUNE 21ST at 8:00PM.

This is a match made in heaven.  Similar to something we once felt with someone else.  Get ready for the Tri-State Area's best band to take over FRIDAY, JUNE 21ST at we celebrate a week of emancipation and invite the baddest ass band to show you how we roll moving forward.

The trolls will take notes.  They will try to get in the stuff they never will be allowed.  But GCWPA takes you to another level with this incredible act.   Erases memories or past flings with the PIG....this show is gonna rock and its gonna be the biggest buzz in the Valley.

Fortunately for Go Go Gadget fans, this will be a romance for many years to come.  Only two lost souls miss out.  And We couldn't Be Happier.

Tickets: $15.00

Doors: 8:00PM

21 To Enter / Drink

If you don't dress to impress, we reserve the right to deny entry.  GCWPA will have professional security at all entrances making sure you are 21 and will be dressed to impress.  

We strongly suggest UBER or LFYT.....Carpooling and more as parking is on a  first come first serve basis.

Limited Capacity For This Event!!!! Come Early and Enjoy The Kick Off of STEEL DRUMS on the patio...5:30 - 8:30PM.  $25.00 Fishbowls All Night.

GameChangerWorld PA · 6616 Ruppsville Rd. Allentown, PA · (610) 366-1130